GCDR has been under an unusually high influx of wonderful dogs who needed us this year. Sadly this is true across the nation. We are already way above our average intake and we communicate with enough other rescues to know that we are not alone. We are so sad to continue to see so many unwanted, abandoned, mistreated and neglected Dobermans. Its simply heart breaking. We are happy to help as many as we can. This year has also been a year of unusually high medical expenses. Out of the 48 dogs we've taken in this year, six to ten of them have had really expensive medical situations. For six dogs alone, their surgical, hospital and emergency cost exceeded 12,000.00! That is 12,000.00 not even counting shots, spay/neuters and heart worm treatments. Those routine costs pile up on top of that. We are incredibly fortunate that we had some emergency money to get us through as well as a few really awesome folks who sent us donations to help out. But now we are bringing out this wonderful Doberman Emergency bus to help replenish our funds so that we can continue to provide routine services for the rest of our precious dogs and get them in forever homes. This bus is loaded up with a few of our high ticket dogs. I think you will all agree they are worth the extra effort and expense.

We know that people are not always able to send in a large check to help with rescue. But if everyone would send in $10.00 - it will add up. Please consider this small donation to help some incredible dogs. And let your dog loving friends know too. We have done similar fundraisers in the past and have had tremendous success for our dogs.

We thank you in advance for your wonderful support and all the love you continue to give to our pups.

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